About Napa & INK

Hi there!

Nice seeing you here! Let me tell you a bit about my dream. I'm Iris the creator behind Napa & INK. Being creative is something I've always done. Since a young girl I was really into drawing, painting, ceramics, carving stone and everything else that required a set of skills that comes from practice and working with my hands. Introduced by my grandpa to all these different kinds of mediums I learned to love being creative and start making art in any shape or form.

These interest made me realize that I wanted to pursuit a career in the Arts back home in the Netherlands. When I finished my degree as a Decoration and Restoration painter I wanted to dive deeper. I started my studies to become an Art Educator. I love learning new skills and teaching them to others. The dream of selling my art started after I graduated as an Art Educator.

An other dream I also had was traveling to New Zealand. During my travels in New Zealand I discovered that I was more at peace and could realize my dreams here too. Now I'm Living in New Zealand on a remote farm with my lovely partner where I started living my dream. Being out in nature, having farm animals, a veggie garden and surrounded by a lot of beautiful landscapes while working in an orchard. I find myself surrounded by the beauty of growing life. The gift of nature gives me the boost to express my ongoing creativity.

Thank you for visiting and helping my dream become a reality!